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Hello Fellow Enrollment Managers..

I have the privilege of working in Hamilton Ontario as Hillfield Strathallan Colleges Director of Admissions. As the strategist behind our enrolment management efforts, I get to work with 5 outstanding team members, and countless College Stakeholder Ambassadors to ensure our reputation continues to grow, that our students continue to thrive, and that the vision of our Board comes to fruition.

As a member of the Sr. Leadership team (earned after holding the role of Alumni Manager, and International Recruitment and Admissions Manager first:) I learn every week from experts in Operations, Academics, Advancement, Finance, Technology and from our amazing Head of College, just what it takes to make a school of our size and scope run. 

Established in 1901 HSC is part of the CAIS schools here in Canada (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools). HSC is comprised of 4 small schools that together thrive as 1 College. We have two side by side elementary school offerings, both serve students as young as 16months - age 9 or grade 4, The Junior School and the Montessori School, and each house approx. 200 students. Our Middle School supports approx 350 students from Grades 5-8 and our Sr. School, welcomes approx 500 students annually for a total of 1250 students.  That makes us one of the largest independent schools in Canada. What can I say, it keeps me and the team on our toes all year!

In my limited spare time, I am an OCT teacher and very much enjoy getting into the classroom with the kids, working with our very enthusiastic student Ambassadors and vacationing in Disney World.  

I welcome any opportunity to share, learn and grow from your feedback and suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out!